Sunday, January 25, 2015

Episode 165
...All the Marbles
Being John Malkovich

This week we join Peter Falk as he manages a couple up and coming lady tag team wrestlers in ...All the Marbles. Then, we begin our retrospective of the work of Spike Jonze, with a discussion of Being John Malkovich. Plus, Edward Kildow offers his thoughts on Peter Falk's most famous work, Columbo. And, Mom gets virtually nothing out of Force Majeure

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Episode 164 - Inherent Vice/John Rambo

Episode 164
Inherent Vice
John Rambo

This week we wrap up our Paul Thomas Anderson retrospective with a discussion of Inherent Vice. Then, we wrap up our Rambo retrospective with a discussion of John Rambo. Then we do our top five scenes for each fest. Plus, Edward Kildow and Mom both weigh in on Inherent Vice.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Episode 163 - Big Bad Wolves/Rambo III

Episode 163
Big Bad Wolves
Rambo III

This week, Rambo is a Soviet general's worst nightmare as he fights alongside Osama Bin Laden, in Rambo III, and three Israeli men are each other's and our worst nightmare in Big Bad Wolves. And Mom goes crazy, violently so, reviewing Foxcatcher and hating on Steve Carell. Prepare for lots of torture this week on the If We Made It Podcast.